Prospect and strategically plan pricing and target segments.

Pricing Methodology

Underwriters can align price-to-risk and provide adequate coverage based on risk factors and threat scenarios that can affect the assessed business. Additionally with the provided insight, underwriters can decide which portions of a policy they would like to include per customer.

Time to Deliver a Quote

Studies show that the electronic quote-to-bind ratio drops significantly if insurers wait 24 hours to respond. Kovrr helps insurers provide faster quotes to their customers to increase quote-to-bind ratios by shortening the questionnaire process and validating all security control questions.

Adjusting Price to Evolving Risk

Insurers can make educated pricing decisions based on high-powered, targeted data to pinpoint profitable policies. With continuous monitoring of their end clients cyber posture, insurers can offer adaptive policies and pricing based on the evolving risk of a business.
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From Contact to Contract in Minutes
Fully Automating the Rate, Quote, Bind Cyber Insurance Experience

As cyber insurance becomes more popular, insurers need to quickly develop programs and products
for selling cyber insurance at scale. Find out how one insurer quantifies a potential insured’s cyber risk,prices policies and issues policies with an option to automatically complete a purchase.
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