Risk Accumulation

Diversify and manage risk within existing portfolios.

Global Risk with High-Frequency High-Severity Events

Insurers can control risk accumulation via the Kovrr platform which detects emerging exposures and reflects this information to undwriters via the dashboard when its relevant for their customers or portfolios.

Silent Risk Exposure

Implications of cyber threats can affect other insurance lines, for example, marine insurance. We help insurers gain visibility to risk associated with cyber within their other policies and quantify potential exposure.  With Kovrr, insurers get a full understanding of where they hold additional capital at risk.

Monitoring Aggregation Scenarios

Kovrr's platform analyzes a company's technology stack, the cyber threat landscape and calculates the correlation between the frequency of events in order to provide insurers with the potential maximum loss of an incident.
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Silent Witness
Why Visibility is the Key to Reducing Non-Affirmative Cyber Risk

Reinsurers currently face challenges in quantifying their total underlying exposure to cyber risk within other business lines - often referred to as silent cyber risk. Check out how this reinsurer adjusts its portfolio mix to mitigate silent cyber risk accumulations.
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