Risk Selection

Quantify financial risk for new policies and stay aligned to risk appetite.

Constantly Evolving Cyber Risk Threat Landscape 

Kovrr monitors hundreds of countries , millions of ongoing monitored incidents, activity of hundreds of top leading cybercrime groups, dozens of nation-backed advanced persistent threats (APT) actors  and thousands of individuals operating in the cyber space on a global basis in real-time. We then analyze these cyber risk factors and how they can affect the specific company an insurer is looking to insure.

Lack of Actuarial Data

We've developed an engine that harvests incidents data to better understand the potential outcome of specific risk scenarios and projected financial loss due to the impact of the attack.

Onboarding New Risk

Kovrr helps insurers prospect customers and diversify their book via analysis of a company's use of commercial software, geography, third party services and more. Insurers can decide the type of risk they'd like to onboard according to their risk appetite.

Subjective & Limited Data Acquired from Potential Insurees

Insurers mostly rely on data provided by the company they are looking to insure. We found that this data can be false and requires a long onboarding of the end client. Kovrr shortens the questionaire process by cutting out a significiant amount of questions, validating and cross referencing answers provided by the potential insuree in order to make sure all data is accurate.
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No More Black Boxes
Transparent Underwriting to Help Underwriters Make Accurate Decisions

Underwriters face challenges in acquiring real time cyber risk data for companies they are looking to provide with cyber coverages. Find out how this insurer is provided with all necessary data points to make more accurate underwriting decisions.
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