Cyber Underwriting
& Risk Selection

Predict & Price Cyber Risk 
Quantify Cyber Risk for New and Existing Insureds
Grow your Cyber Book while Maintaining Profitability
Operationalize Cyber Risk Management
Monitor Pricing Strategies

Key Advantages

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Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ)

Asses potential economic impact, insured annual average loss (AAL), and probable maximum loss (PML) broken down by coverage.

Contextual Actionable Underwriting Insights

Understand the projected insured attritional and large loss of specific risk scenarios such as data theft, denial of service, ransomware, extortion, etc. Kovrr helps insurers segment customers and diversify their book via analysis of a company's use of commercial software, geography, third party services and susceptibility to a cyber attack. 

Efficient Prospecting

Pinpoint potential clients for cyber insurance within your existing P&C portfolios. 

Comprehensive Data Acquisition & Augmentation

Shorten or eliminate the questionnaire process by augmenting missing information, validating provided data and cutting out questions from the insurance application. Power digital rate-quote-bind portals.