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A cyber risk management platform to

Cyber Risk Management
Made Easy.

Kovrr's Quantum Cyber Risk Quantification platform enables decision makers to understand and financially quantify the changing profile of their cyber risk exposure.

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Communicate Cyber Risk in Financial Terms

Enhance the board and C-Suite’s decision-making process by financially quantifying cyber risk.

Cybersecurity Investment Optimization

Prioritize and justify cybersecurity investments based on business impacts and risk reduction.

Measure Cyber Security Programs’ Effectiveness

Assess the ROI of your cybersecurity program and stress test it based on potential risk mitigation actions, thereby supporting better resource allocation.

3rd Party Vendors Cyber Risk Exposure Analysis

Financially quantify cyber risk within your supply chain. Gain insights Into 3rd and 4th party exposure.

Regulatory Compliance and Governance Reporting

Meet increased demands from regulators to continuously quantify and manage cyber risk exposure.

Cyber Insurance Coverage and Price Optimization

Identify gaps between risk mitigation impact versus risk cyber insurance spending and needed coverage for 1st party and 3rd party.

Quantitatively Benchmark and Compare your Cyber Risk Exposure

Benchmark to your industry peers and internally compare between different business entities in a consistent, measurable and accurate way.

“I’ve been eager to embrace cyber risk quantification for years but struggled to find a cost-effective path forward. Kovrr offers an actionable and validated cyber risk quantification platform. We’re excited to satisfy long standing risk management goals, while we mature our internal dialogue, refine budget allocation, and realize savings.‘’

Matthew Sharp
Chief Information Security Officer

Kovrr’s CRQ platform has been essential for us to routinely monitor and manage our changing cyber exposure so we can better understand the business impact and make more informed decisions. Seeing the potential financial impact of cyber risk also improves communication around cybersecurity from IT to our risk managers and executives.״

Avi Benaroya
Founder and CEO of SwimOutlet.com's parent company Spiraledge Inc.

This enables our largest global clients to seamlessly and continuously financially quantify their cyber risk exposure with confidence.  It provides the insights CISO's and Board executives need to prioritise and manage their cyber security initiatives to reduce their cyber risk exposure.”

Takeshi Doi
Chief of Cyber Risk, MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc

A robust impact-based modeling framework is key for assessing future events, and so we are excited to partner with Kovrr and leverage its proprietary view of cyber risk “

Jon Laux
Head of Cyber Analytics, AON

CRIMZON™ are valuable indicators and enablers of further development of the cyber insurance market. Using the CRIMZON™ allows us to get better portfolio segmentation and be able to focus our attention on significant exposure areas

Ms. Timea Töröcsik
Head of Global Financial Lines Portfolio Management & Pricing, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS)

Based on robust event catalog data and industry leading usability, Kovrr’s intuitive and transparent platform allows us to better understand and manage cyber risk to improve our decision making"

Oscar Taboada
Head of cyber, Mapfre Re

Kovrr will add a new dimension to our existing expertise.
Modelling the impact of cyber incidents is key to supporting the further growth of the cyber reinsurance industry”

Tom Quy
Cyber Practice Leader, Acrisure Re

How it works?

Data Collection

Kovrr has developed its own proprietary data sources and partnered with world leading third party data providers to compile and continuously update an extensive view of the cyber risk landscape. Curated data includes frequency of cyber attacks, financial impact of incidents and security resilience of millions of organizations worldwide. In addition, Kovrr allows you to leverage your preferred cybersecurity vendors’ data and embed into its CRQ modeling framework.

Data Modeling

Kovrr's model predicts the company's cyber risk by running thousands of simulations to find all possible outcomes to produce a full risk distribution. Cyber risk modeling needs to take into account the cyber data about the company and cross-reference it with the industry data along with the cyber context in which the company operates. We use a business impact based approach in which impact scenarios reflect types of losses summarized into six categories that align with standard insurance coverages.

Data Insights

Transform cyber security data into financially quantified cyber risk. Kovrr provides a financial risk overview including high, average, and low exposure loss analysis, trends, industry benchmarks, business impact scenarios, and more. Insights include an analysis of a company's security controls and recommendations for reducing financial exposure by control upgrade, including ROI for selected cybersecurity control projects. Additional risk transfer recommendations are provided based on current cyber insurance terms and conditions and a company's cybersecurity posture. Users can also understand their exposure to third-party cyber risk for a completed view to better manage their cyber risk.

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