Get Better Coverage On Your Cyber Insurance Policy at an Even Better Rate

Kovrr's CRQ insights can be leveraged to lower your cyber insurance premiums and drive more cost-effective terms and conditions that keep your organization resilient.

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Manage Risk, Optimize Portfolios, and Benchmark Cyber Insurance

Learn more about your organization’s or portfolio’s unique cyber risk and improve cybersecurity posture with cyber risk quantification. Leverage crucial benchmarking insights to prioritize mitigation efforts and optimize cyber insurance policies.

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Approach Your Cyber Insurer With Knowledge in Hand 

We know the application, approval, and pricing process of cyber insurance is challenging.
Let us help you get a better cyber insurance policy!

Kovrr provides you with insight into how your policy would perform based on your current cybersecurity threats including: 

Simulation Loss Breakdown

A clear understanding of loss drivers and what events would be covered according to your policy.

Cyber Posture Recommendations

A list of the controls that can be upgraded to decrease the severity of events and decrease the exposure business impact loss. 

Insurance Policy Optimization

Recommendation of different insurance options according to risk appetite and policy structure recommendations.

Requested Insurance Data Points

In depth coverage of the cyber data underwriters care about.  

Coverage Structure Performance

Fully understand your covered risks and find missing gaps in your coverage. 

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How Does It Work? 

Kovrr analyzes your current cyber policy terms and conditions

Kovrr financially quantifies your cyber risk

You get your report

Your organization leverages the report to get better pricing from the insurer!

What clauses does your current cyber insurance policy include today? 

Recovery Expenses

Data Recovery

Extortion Payment


Legal Defense

Lost Income

Monitoring Services


Public Relations Repairment

Regulatory Fines

Regulatory Legal Defense


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