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Assess Cyber Maturity Levels With Kovrr’s Free NIST CSF Tool

Transform NIST Cybersecurity Framework maturity levels into quantified insights that foster data-driven strategies and enable organizations to prioritize the most impactful risk mitigation security updates. 

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Translate NIST Cybersecurity Maturity Into Actionable Data

Although the NIST CSF offers standardized guidelines for improving an organization's cyber posture and can demonstrate progress, it does not reveal the insights necessary for creating action plans. For example, while an upgrade in an implementation tier undoubtedly leads to a more secure environment, it's difficult to know which business pillar should be invested in next.

With Kovrr's free NIST CSF tool, CISOs can translate their cyber postures and maturity levels into objective figures that reveal their relative standings within the framework. Leveraging this information, cybersecurity leaders can then create customized strategies, allocating resources to the control groups that fall short of optimal maturity ratios.

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Streamline Communication With the Board and C-Suite

NIST's cybersecurity maturity model was, in large part, designed to help cybersecurity leaders communicate cyber risk to the board and other non-technical stakeholders. While more understandable than other frameworks, it still poses challenges for executives who want to comprehend the extent to which their organizations have implemented the framework.

By translating a company's NIST maturity levels quantified ratios, Kovrr's free tool facilitates meaningful communication. Key stakeholders will grasp how well the cybersecurity department is contributing to the business’s ability to operate safely within the risky digital landscape and will, therefore, be more likely to allocate the necessary resources to accelerate progress.

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Demonstrate Cybersecurity Effectiveness Over Time

Leverage Kovrr's free NIST quantification assessment tool every quarter to illuminate how much your organization's cybersecurity posture has matured over time. Track maturity ratios as they increase and utilize them in high-level meetings to demonstrate to the C-suite and board members that their investments are increasing and signify the business's preparedness and resilience in the wake of an attack.

CISOs can also harness these quantified benchmarks to justify additional spending requests. With the objective figures to provide continuous improvement, budget-makers are much more likely to allocate additional resources to the cybersecurity department, understanding the positive, long-term effects their financial decisions are producing.

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