Cyber Risk Quantification

Kovrr's Quantum Cyber Risk Quantification platform enables decision makers to understand and financially quantify the changing profile of their cyber risk exposure.

"Kovrr’s Quantum CRQ platform has been essential for us to routinely monitor and manage our changing cyber exposure so we can better understand the business impact and make more informed decisions. Seeing the potential financial impact of cyber risk also improves communication around cybersecurity from IT to our risk managers and executives.״
Avi Benaroya  
Founder and CEO,
SwimOutlet.com's parent company Spiraledge Inc.

How Kovrr is Quantifying Cyber Risk

Understand the Financial Impact of Cyber Events on your Business
Understand the Financial Impact of Cyber Events on your Business
Assess the ROI of Cyber Investments
Assess the ROI of Cyber Investments with Cyber Risk Quantification Tools
Prioritize Cyber Risk Management Decisions
Prioritize Cyber Risk Management Decisions 

Key Advantages for Quantifying Risk

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On Demand Financially Quantified Cyber Risk Insights

On Demand Financial Cyber Risk Quantification Insights

Unlike traditional consulting engagements involving heavy investments of time and money, Quantum is an on-demand solution that leverages global threat intelligence and financial impact data from cyber incidents. Clients  have the ability to drill down into cyber event examples, including associated risk vectors, damage types, and other relevant data, security and risk management leaders can quickly and efficiently recognize the underlying causes that impact financial exposure.
Leverage Insurance Grade Cyber Risk Models

Leverage Insurance Grade Cyber Risk Quantification Models

The cyber risk quantification solution leverages multiple modeling technologies that differentiate between systemic or targeted attacks and failures and covers hundreds of thousands of simulated cyber events to output the most accurate quantification metrics possible.Users can also deep dive into simulated scenarios to understand where cyber security risk is concentrated and the details of the scenario’s financial impact on the business.
Actionable Business Relevant Metrics

Actionable Business Relevant Metrics

Drill down into different cyber scenarios and risk vectors to get insights into cyber exposure impact and make more informed security investment decisions for improving programs with a cyber risk management strategy.
Comprehensive Data Acquisition & Augmentation

Comprehensive Data Acquisition & Augmentation

Reduce the need to make  assumptions by integrating multiple global sources of data including: technographic, global threat intelligence, and cyber insurance claims data. The platform boasts accurate data based on technology, security, and business data specific to your organization. We also include loss scenarios informed by continuous wide-ranging open and proprietary data sources.