Custom Cyber Risk Scenarios

Bespoke Scenarios Tailored to Your Organization:

Worried about a specific cyber risk scenario? Let us help you quantify the risk and learn how costly it can be to your organization. If you’re still using excel risk registries and basic multiplication for cost per records, it’s time to upgrade how you model your organization’s cyber risk exposure. Use our flexible and expressive tool to build out all sorts of cyber scenarios, learn about their financial impacts, and quantify the risk.

Examples of cyber risk scenarios can include:

  • Data leak of sensitive data
  • Phishing attacks using social engineering
  • Ransomware attack
  • A failure in a security control configuration
  • Web server with no MFA
  • Malicious access to a company crown jewel
  • Data leak originating from an insider threat
  • Supply chain event
  • Unpatched software vulnerability
  • DDoS attacks on production critical infrastructure Comment end  

With Kovrr’s custom cyber risk scenario quantification, users can:

  • Customize the types of scenarios they think are pertinent to model for their organization
  • Deep dive into the costs, likelihood, business impacts and more of each scenario and compare across a set of scenarios
  • Clearly present the types of attacks your organization should be worried about to other stakeholders
  • Use the quantification from these scenarios for building out a realistic cyber business impact analysis

Start Quantifying your
Custom Cyber Risk Scenarios.

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