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Quantitative Cyber Risk Analysis

Evaluate and assess the financial exposure of your company by quantifying the likelihood and impact of cyber events. Kovrr's modeling methodology uses a Monte-Carlo simulation to run a 10,000-year simulation taking into account your organization's cybersecurity resilience, the threat landscape, and cyber insurance data.

The result is an array of financial outputs organized by business impact scenarios and mapped to your organization’s cybersecurity framework  that allows for prioritizing your cyber risk management efforts accordingly.

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Reporting to Board of Directors & Other Stakeholders

Explaining complicated statistical and technical cyber concepts about modeling cyber risk to gain buy-in for operational plans can present a challenge, however, in today's business environment, it's essential to get C-level executives and board members on the same page to secure necessary budgets and plan approvals.

Use Kovrr's cyber risk quantification platform as a tool to build trust in onboarding your stakeholders and board members to a quantitative approach. Cyber risk quantification can be used as a tool to transform the way cyber risk is approached and discussed by the organization.

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Cyber Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Incorporate cyber preparedness into your organization’s business continuity plan (BCP) by identifying the potential impact of a cyber incident on your organization's critical business operations and assets while assigning an economic impact.

Using Kovrr's cyber risk quantification platform, risk professionals can pinpoint cyber events that can affect business activity, quantify the potential operational and financial loss, and receive better insight into losses per time of outage. Additionally, risk teams can break down losses by revenue, reputation, data recovery operations, compliance with regulations, and more.

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Active Risk Management & Risk Mitigation

Build data-driven risk mitigation strategies. Kovrr's recommendations allow organizations to lower their cyber risk exposure by operationalizing the insights generated by the model.

Cyber risk management and mitigation recommendations are based on the company’s chosen framework (CIS, NIST, etc.), which allows Kovrr’s model to quantify the different risk profiles of a company based on security configurations familiar to the cybersecurity team.

Recommendations provide the financial impact reflected in estimated savings realized if the control is upgraded to the next maturity level.

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ROI Analysis for Cybersecurity Initiatives & Budget Planning

Understand the potential financial effects of different mitigation activities and compare them with their annualized cost.

Kovrr’s platform has a built-in ROI calculator based on both average and high loss scenarios for assisting the organization in understanding the saving of the mitigation cost vs. the expected savings.

Use Kovrr's CRQ platform to run what-if simulations that reflect the organization’s security posture based on plans the company would like to implement and receive new quantification results that provide clear ROI metrics for budget planning. Additionally, use these quantifications to calculate multi-year ROI.

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Third-Party Cyber Risk Analysis

Uplift your TPRM & GRC program by understanding the contribution of a third party to your overall cyber risk exposure.  Organizations have no way to avoid using third parties, yet ​​transparency into their security controls is limited.

The third-party risk assessment process can be lengthy and oftentimes only carried out on a portion of the organization’s third-party providers.

With Kovrr's cyber risk quantification platform, get insight into the contribution of third-party risk to your overall exposure, losses associated with specific third-party providers, and suggestions for security posture highlights that can limit damage from third parties.

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Cyber Insurance Insights

The cyber insurance application, approval, and pricing process is challenging. Let Kovrr's cyber risk quantification platform assist your organization with getting a better cyber insurance policy. Kovrr provides you with insight into how your policy would perform based on your current cybersecurity threats including simulation loss breakdowns and cyber posture recommendations.

Additionally, users are provided with guidance on different insurance options according to risk appetite and policy structure. Additionally it can assist in finding gaps in the organization’s coverage.

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