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According to the SANS Risk Quantification Survey 75.5% of senior security professionals, are planning to financially quantify their cyber risk in the next 18 months or have already done so.

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Gain insight to your company’s overall potential financial exposure to a ransomware attack.

Analyze different types of financial impacts such as: extortion payments, business interruption costs and potential liability claims.

Understand if you are overpaying on cyber insurance. Maximize the potential value from your existing cyber insurance or renewal options.

This free analysis is powered by Kovrr’s Quantum CRQ (Cyber Risk Quantification) Platform.

Quantum is designed to enable enterprise decision-makers to comprehensively manage their cyber risk exposure by empowering them to seamlessly drive actionable, financial quantified cyber risk decisions, on-demand.  

Quantum’s data driven approach delivers CISOs, CROs, board members and other decision makers the answers they need with the click of a button.