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Struggling to justify and prioritize your tech purchases?

That sucks but Kovrr can help.  

Explain the importance of  your next cybersecurity project or technology purchase with Kovrr's cyber risk quantification platform by showing how your decision contributes to lowering your company's financial exposure and share return on investment metrics with other stakeholders.

If your team has ever had trouble introducing a new technology, project or vendor, let us help you show everyone the ROI of your decision.

As security professionals and boards of directors look to improve their security programs, they're doing so with a clear objective in mind, reducing risk. From a security perspective, reducing risk is measured by decreasing the probability for chances of a cyber event, such as stolen personal data, ransomware attacks, or system failures, however, from a business perspective, reducing these types of cyber events reduces regulation fines, remediation costs and business interruption. It's time to tie the two risk approaches together.

So how can a CISO’s plans be translated into reduction of business risk?

Using cyber risk quantification. Cyber risk quantification translates cyber risk into business risk, by associating a financial quantification with the risk. In other words, organizations can understand how cyber risk specifically affects potential revenue, profit, and other operational measures.

How does it work?

  • We quantify a baseline for your organization's current financial exposure due to cyber risk based on its current cybersecurity posture
  • Run what if simulations of alternative organizational postures based on the plans the company would like to implement
  • Receive new quantification results that provide clear ROI metrics for the plan

Justify your next project now.

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