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assess Cybersecurity Maturity With Kovrr

Learn More About Maturity Evaluations Enhanced by CRQ

  • Analyze Cybersecurity Posture and Maturity Levels

  • Quantify Cyber Risk and Determine Financial Exposure

  • Evaluate Gaps and Prioritize Risk Mitigation Initiatives

  • Align Management Strategies With Business Goals

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

I’ve been eager to embrace cyber risk quantification for years but struggled to find a cost-effective path forward. Kovrr offers an actionable and validated cyber risk quantification platform. We’re excited to satisfy long standing risk management goals, while we mature our internal dialogue, refine budget allocation, and realize savings.
Matthew Sharp
Chief Information Security Officer, Logicworks
Kovrr’s CRQ platform has been essential for us to routinely monitor and manage our changing cyber exposure so we can better understand the business impact and make more informed decisions. Seeing the potential financial impact of cyber risk also improves communication around cybersecurity from IT to our risk managers and executives.
Avi Benaroya
Founder and CEO of's parent company, Spiraledge Inc
This enables our largest global clients to seamlessly and continuously financially quantify their cyber risk exposure with confidence.  It provides the insights CISO's and Board executives need to prioritise and manage their cyber security initiatives to reduce their cyber risk exposure.
Takeshi Doi
Chief of Cyber Risk, MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc
Based on robust event catalog data and industry leading usability, Kovrr’s intuitive and transparent platform allows us to better understand and manage cyber risk to improve our decision making.
Oscar Taboada
Head of cyber, Mapfre Re
Kovrr will add a new dimension to our existing expertise.
Modelling the impact of cyber incidents is key to supporting the further growth of the cyber reinsurance industry.
Tom Quy
Cyber Practice Leader, Acrisure Re
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