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Maximizing ROI for Cyber Security Programs

Show me my potential ROI

38% of companies reallocated their budgets after using Kovrr’s platform and realizing that a significant amount of their budget wasn’t allocated to controls with a high financial exposure 

Cybersecurity spending is growing, however, securing budgets and relaying the importance of specific cybersecurity initiatives to non-technical stakeholders is still a challenge. The ability to calculate return on investment on current cybersecurity initiatives allows for alignment based on business impact, a clear framework for prioritization, and one language for communication.  

How can I do this? 

Use our security control ROI calculator to understand the financial benefits of improving your cybersecurity risk posture. 

Show me my potential ROI

Calculating ROI on cybersecurity investments allows you to: 

Demonstrate how your security controls reduce risk in monetary terms to the Board of Directors.

Prioritize and justify projects, mitigation and response initiatives with data and financial proof when building out what-if scenarios.

Build a cyber risk management program that you can consistently track over time.

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Maximize ROI for your cyber security program

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