Portfolio Accumulation

Actively manage accumulated cyber risk.

Insights into New Emerging Vulnerabilities

The Kovrr platform reflects emerging exposures and allows (re)insurers to control risk accumulation by notifying them when pre-defined accumulated risk thresholds are crossed. 

Silent Risk Exposure

Implications of cyber threats can affect other insurance lines, for example, property insurance. We help (re)insurers gain visibility to risk associated with potential cyber events within any commercial insurance book and quantify its total exposure. With Kovrr, (re)insurers are provided with insights into where silent risk exists in their portfolio.

Monitoring Portfolios’ Aggregations 

Kovrr's platform analyzes companies' technology stacks, their third-party service providers and the cyber threat landscape. Using this data, the platform calculates the aggregated exposure and pinpoints the relevancy and exposure to current cyber threats. This provides (re)insurers with a clear understanding of actions required to diversify portfolio risk. 

See full case study:

Quantifying Silent Cyber Risk Accumulation
Why Visibility is Key to Managing Catastrophic Silent Cyber Exposure

Reinsurers currently face challenges in quantifying their total underlying exposure to cyber risk within other business lines - often referred to as silent cyber risk. Check out how this reinsurer adjusts its portfolio mix to mitigate silent cyber risk accumulations.
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