Company grows.
Attack surface grows.
Risk grows.

Familiar with that trajectory? Let us help you assess the cyber risk of a new project with our cost-benefit analysis and how it can impact your financial exposure and security resilience.

Quantifying New Project Risk

Being a part of a growing company implementing new innovative technologies is exciting, however, it also means that the cyber risks faced by the company increase as well. What if the new initiative is actually more costly than its potential value? As organizations plan out new initiatives, they also need a way to measure the risk these initiatives bring to their operations. Cyber risk quantification is a great tool to understand your organization’s current risk exposure due to IT/cyber risks. Information security professionals can also use cyber risk quantification to run cost-benefit analysis to compare their posture prior to implementing a new initiative and their posture after implementation.

How does it work?

  • Run a quantification on your company in its current state to create a baseline
  • Map out all additional asset groups, technologies, infrastructure that the new project would require and plug it into our proprietary Cyber-Sphere
  • Run a new quantification that takes into account potential changes
  • Compare results to the last quantification run and receive insights into which asset groups are most affected, business impact scenarios and a breakdown of the financial exposure that results from the new initiative

Start your cyber risk
cost-benefit analysis now.

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