Cyber Risk

Data Driven Cyber Risk Quantification

Why Kovrr?


Data Driven Modeling 

Kovrr has developed its own proprietary data sources and partnered with a wide range of third party data providers to compile and continuously update extensive cyber exposure databases.

(Re)insurers can model and assess cyber exposure based on different levels of data granularity input. 


Transparent Modeling

Kovrr provides insurance professionals unique visibility into its modeling methodologies and the underlying data.

Our holistic solution enables insurance professionals to drill down from portfolio level exposures to their respective single risks’ drivers of loss.


Customized Models

There is no one size fits all cyber risk model. Cyber risk models must be aligned to (re)insurers’ insured assets and directly map to their potential liabilities, derived from the insurance coverages.

With Kovrr, (re)insurers can receive their own fully optimized models built bottom-up, utilizing data that closely corresponds with the geography, industry, type of businesses, etc. With these models, (re)insurers  can differentiate their offerings in the market.

How we do it

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Impact Based Cyber Risk Modeling Framework

Our platform quantifies financial exposure by pinpointing cyber attacks that can lead to significant losses. The potential financial loss is quantified by leveraging proprietary vulnerability curves, providing accurate insights into the potential financial damage affecting an insured and across the (re)insurers portfolio. The results of these exposure simulations are summarized by scenarios and in a fully detailed yearly loss table (YLT), represented by exceedance probability (EP) curves. 

Industry Exposure Database

Kovrr has developed its own proprietary data sources and has built the largest and most granular industry exposure database containing firmographic and technographic details of millions of businesses worldwide.  

Real-Time Cyber Threat Intelligence Monitoring

Kovrr globally monitors ongoing incidents as well as  the activity of hundreds of top leading cybercrime groups, dozens of nation-backed advanced persistent threats (APT) actors  and thousands of individuals operating in the cyber space in real-time. Kovrr uses advanced machine learning for analyzing cyber campaigns to extract underlying attributes that are then used to create quantification models. 

We create risk models from cyber incidents, intelligence exposure data, claims incidents data and access to a variety of 3rd party data providers with the best visibility in their respective cyber domains.

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