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Microsoft, ISS Corporate, and Kovrr to Hold Shift Up Summit in NYC

February 27, 2024

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Organizations of all sizes across the market face an almost total operational dependence on cyber activities. This modern digital reality, coupled with economic pressures that have led to budget cuts and new global cybersecurity regulations, virtually demands the need for executive decision-makers to evolve their approach to managing cyber risk. 

Historically relegating cybersecurity concerns to those with relevant expertise, high-level stakeholders now must take a more proactive approach to this critical business function. However, this paradigm shift has proven challenging for many organizations that now need to translate complex, technical cyber matters into a broader language that fosters collaboration. 

Attend the Shift Up Summit, hosted by Kovrr, Microsoft, and ISS Corporate in NYC.
Attend the Shift Up Summit, NYC, March 2024

The Shift Up Summit: Elevating Cybersecurity Into the C-Suite and Beyond

It’s amid this market landscape that Kovrr is pleased to be co-hosting the Shift Up Summit along with ISS Corporate and Microsoft, focused on convening chief information security officers (CISOs), C-suite executives, board members, and investors to explore various approaches to developing a Shift Up Strategy, helping them to manage their organizations’ growing exposure to cyber risks.

To be held at Microsoft’s New York City headquarters in Times Square on March 24, 2024, the summit promises sharp, thoughtful discussions that will help CISOs and cybersecurity leaders communicate with executive stakeholders, ensuring that cybersecurity initiatives are aligned with the company’s objectives and that the organization achieves high-end resiliency.

Admission to the Shift Up Summit is at no cost for eligible participants.

Learning About The Shift Up Strategy From Industry Experts

The Shift Up Summit will feature some of the most prominent cybersecurity industry leaders, offering their unique insights based on their extensive experience managing cyber risk in the corporate realm and how they’ve developed ways to communicate more effectively with the C-suite and board.  

Speakers include, but are not limited to:


  • Gram Ludlow, CISO at Global Hospitality Company
  • Douglas Clare, Head of Cyber Strategy at ISS Corporate
  • Omar Turner, General Manager of Security at Microsoft
  • Matthew Stucky, Cybersecurity Strategy Director at Koch
  • Jack Freund, Ph.d., Chief Risk Officer at Kovrr

Topics to Be Covered at the Shift Up Summit

Panels and speakers will discuss a wide range of timely industry topics such as: 

  • Cyber Risk & the C-Suite: 2024 Trends
  • The State of the CISO in 2024
  • SEC & Materiality: Practical Lessons for Boards
  • Cyber, Corporate Governance, & Culture

Attendees can also expect to learn practical approaches to:


  • Financially quantifying and managing cyber risks
  • Communicating cyber risk effectively with board members
  • Justifying cybersecurity investments
  • Optimizing cyber insurance coverage terms
  • Meeting new regulatory demands

Facilitating a Shift Up Strategy With Cyber Risk Quantification

While there are several different approaches to bringing cybersecurity into the boardroom and beyond, one of the most foolproof methods is to adopt an on-demand cyber risk quantification (CRQ) platform. CRQ solutions quickly transform the more complex aspects and metrics of cybersecurity into easily understandable figures, such as event likelihoods and potential financial impacts.

For instance, with a CRQ, instead of telling the board and upper management that the cybersecurity team has minimized the mean time to detect (MTTD) a system infiltration, CISOs can communicate that they have reduced the organization's likelihood of experiencing a cyber event by 15%, saving potentially $2.1 million. By translating abstract KPIs into tangible terms, executive stakeholders can quickly grasp how cyber risk impacts the business.

Once CISOs and cybersecurity leaders are able to communicate cyber risk with non-technical executives, there’s a slew of other benefits that can be gleaned, such as being able to justify investments for new initiatives, demonstrating ROI and program effectiveness, enhancing cyber risk governance practices to develop an appropriate risk appetite and adhere to disclosure regulation, and optimizing cyber insurance policies.

Attend the Shift Up Summit, hosted by Kovrr, Microsoft, and ISS Corporate in NYC.
Attend the Shift Up Summit, NYC, March 2024

Attend the Shift Up Summit and Start Managing Cyber Risk Holistically

The evolving cyber risk landscape has made it imperative for businesses to rethink their approach to cybersecurity, mitigating it as they would any other operational risk. Attending the Shift Up Summit is a fantastic opportunity for those organizational leaders who recognize this market transition and are ready to elevate cyber risk management into the C-suite, board, and beyond. 

While the Shift Up Summit took place in March 2023, you can still reach out to any of our cybersecurity experts to learn more about this revolutionary approach to cyber risk management. Contact us today or schedule a free demo

Hannah Yacknin-Dawson

Cybersecurity Marketing Writer

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