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Financially Quantify Third Party Cyber Risk

Uplift your TPRM & GRC program by understanding the contribution of a third party to your overall cyber risk exposure.

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Uplift your TPRM & GRC program

We all know the difficulties associated with third party cyber risk. Organizations have no way to avoid using third parties, yet ​​transparency into their security controls is limited. The third party risk assessment process can be lengthy and oftentimes only carried out on a portion of the organization’s third party providers.

So how can organizations better mitigate third party cyber risk? 

By understanding the financial exposure associated with the risk. Use a business driven approach to mitigate cyber risks with insights into your financial exposure and proactively manage  use of third party vendors.

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Kovrr maps third party cyber risk to different event impacts, including: 

Contingent Business Interruption

Third  party service providers outage - Covers dependent income losses caused by a failure in a third party provider. Dependent income losses include losses sustained due to a failure or attack to a network provider's system.


Covers fines or penalties imposed on a firm by regulatory agencies. Also covers legal costs associated with response to a regulatory proceeding.


Covers costs associated with an event in which customer data is compromised or exposed.


Covers costs for negligent acts, errors, or omissions. Also covers claims alleging failure to properly protect sensitive data stored on a computer system.

This allows us to provide insight on:


Contribution of third party risk to your overall exposure.


Losses associated with specific third party providers.


Suggestions for security posture highlights that can limit damage from third parties.


Better understand the amount of cyber insurance your third party providers need to have in order to keep your business secure.

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Financially Quantify your Third Party Cyber Risk

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