Customizable Board Presentation for Stakeholder Buy-In

Kovrr has created slides to ease the process and assist other stakeholders’ buy-in journey.

Our extended cyber experience has taught us how hard it is to stand and try to explain complicated mathematical and technical cyber concepts about modeling cyber risk to gain buy-in for operational plans. We know that failing the critical part of building trust in your analysis can determine the approval of budgets and future security plans.

Use the quarterly report to describe which cyber events are most likely to occur.

Kovrr has created slides to ease the process and assist your buy-in journey. We prepared a short slide deck that describes how Kovrr's platform calculates your company’s financial quantification and how you can leverage it to discuss cyber risk management.

Use CRQ to justify your cybersecurity tool spending requests.

Onboard your stakeholders and board members to Kovrr's fact-based way of thinking and start talking about what matters.

Access Kovrr's custom boardroom presentation for cyber metrics.
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