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Kovrr’s Cyber Risk Quantification Platform now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

September 7, 2022

Kovrr has recently become a Microsoft partner and preferred solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.  By purchasing Quantum Platform via the marketplace the transaction will also contribute to your MACC  (Microsoft Azure  Consumption Commitment).

What is MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment)?

MACC is a contractual commitment customers make with Microsoft for a specific amount of Azure spend for a time period. Usually, the procurement or IT department of your organization would have the details pertaining to the Azure Marketplace and the companies MACC.

What are the benefits of using MACC? 

The main benefit of using MACC is a streamlined hassle-free procurement process requiring fewer resources from both the IT and procurement departments. Microsoft’s Standard Terms and Conditions are typically the same for all third-party solutions allowing your organization to also manage fewer agreement types. 

Read more about benefits of using MACC here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/azure-consumption-commitment-benefit

How can I purchase Kovrr's Quantum solution using MACC? 

Kovrr Quantum is a transactable solution published on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Transact offers are billed against an existing Microsoft MACC subscription or credit card. 

Can I integrate my Microsoft data to Quantum? 

Kovrr integrates with the following Microsoft Security products: 

  • Microsoft's Azure Sentinel SIEM
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud 
  • Microsoft M365 Defender 

This enables clients to automatically integrate and utilize all of their Microsoft related cyber security data and transform it into financially quantified cyber risk management decisions. The joint offering provides an actionable and comprehensive financially quantified view of risk that strengthens the client's ability to justify and strategically allocate resources that ensure business cyber resilience. 

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